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Terms & conditions



Renter received vehicle, which he examined and found it to his complete satisfaction, imperfect condition and appreciate for the purpose he rents it. Renter must return vehicle and all documents, tools and accessories that accompany it to GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. in the same condition and the same fuel level he received it and at location and the date designated in this agreement other wise and upon expiration of the rental period. Renter will be obliged to pay to GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. the normal rental charge plus expenses for any loss or damage. GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. reserves the right to gain repossession and use of vehicle at any time without notice without renter’s consent, but at Renter’s expense, from wherever and by any means, iIf at the discretion of GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. there is danger of damage or loss of vehicles well as risk of not receiving the rental charge or any other due compensation GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. has the right besides the above mentioned case to gain repossession and use the vehicle if it has been used or is being used in violation of this agreement or of the designated rental period.


Renter has the obligation to compensate GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. in the event of theft, loss or damage to vehicle and to any person (including hisco – passengers) as well as to pay all losses and damages suffered by GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C.. Any repair of vehicle by renter himself or anyother person is prohibited. Renter is obliged to pay any amount required for mechanical repairs or replacement of destroyed tyres of the rented vehicle due to his negligence.


The renter is obliged to pay the rent on delivery vehicle (unless otherwise agreed). The charge of the vehicle 24h. For every hour delay in the delivery of the vehicle, the charge amounts to one fifth (1/5) of the agreed price per hour (unless otherwise agreed).


Renter is expected to take good care of vehicle, to preserve it in good condition, to check its mechanical condition, the oil and water level, the tyres etc and in general to behave in prudent manner. Any repair of vehicle by renter himself or any other person is prohibited without GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. prior consent. Vehicle must not be used (a) To carry persons or property for hire (b) to propel or to tow any vehicle, trailer or other object (c) To participate in or to follow rallies (d) For subleasing by renter to any third party (e) For purposes contrary to the Greek law (f) While renter or the additional driver, for whom renter has accepted the daily charge for additional drivers as such charge is designated in the official GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. price – list (tariff) (i) To transfer or carry heavy luggage, inflammable materials, staining or badly smelling goods, narcotics etc. (j) To make illegal transports of locals or foreigners or to perform illegal acts. The rental company has no responsibility for any items of the clients or the people sitting in the rented vehicles, either during the rental period when the items are left in the vehicles, either before the contract when the items are left in the offices or during the rental contract wherever they are left. Driving the vehicle by a person that GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. has not authorized and written on this contract is prohibited. In case of a fake statement of the renter that owns a driving license that has been issued at least one year ago or that he is under 23 years old, his responsibility except from what results from this contract is extented and may be prosecuted. Taking the vehicle out of Sifnos is prohibited without the written agreement and approval of the rental company. Driving the vehicle against the road circulation rules that are current is prohibited. Parking the tented vehicle in areas where parking is not allowed is prohibited. In case of a parking out of law the renter is in charge of any fine for illegal parking or violation or removal of the number plates. The renter has to pay for any damage of the rental company and he promises to do this.
Especially about the motorcycles, in case that it is driven having more than 2 persons on it, the renter is obliged to return the motorcycle immediately and pay 100,00€ due to bad use. Driving in dirt road is prohibited to non – adequate vehicles.


If renter wishes to prelong the rental period of vehicle, he has to notify GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. at least twenty four (24) hours before the end of the rental period to receive the respective written approval. If he fails to do so he will have both civil and penaliability for illegal use and possession of vehicle. In case of extension of rental Renter shall be bound by the terms and conditions both of the initial agreement and the rental extension agreement. Whether concerning the vehicle or any replacement there of.


Renter expressly agrees that GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by renter or third parties, during the rental period and no claim can be raised against GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. for the above reason.


In case of an accident or any other incident (fire, theft, etc) renter or the additional driver are obliged to immediately do the following (a) Note acknowledge liability or guilt and claims of the third parties in any way, direct or indirect (b) Note the names and the addresses of eye witnesses and also the name and the address of the driver and the data of the vehicle, with witch vehicle may have collided. (c) Notify the police to investigate the liability of the third party and provide care to any injures (d) Contact GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. immediately by phone or others means (telefax) (e) Obtain all relevant information from any third party (f) Photograph the location of the accident and the vehicles participating in the accident if possible. Renter must complete and sign an accident/theft report within twenty four (24) hours and send any relevant documents or information to GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C.. In case of theft or loss of vehicle renter must report the incident in writing at the nearest police department within twenty four (24) hours.


The rented vehicle has a simple insurance of a rented vehicle. The renter is not covered with the renting contract as well as the people in the car are not covered unless they have their own insurance. The driver’s and other people’s luggage in the car are not covered by insurance as well.


Renter consents to the computer storage of the personal data. It is strictly agreed that GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. is authorized to use such data, when renter at time of rental makes incorrect statements or violates the terms of this agreement and to pass on such data to the country. Authorities in case the suspicion of committing a criminal or other offense.


(a) Vehicle is always property of GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C.. This is an agreement of rental only. Renter is not GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C.’s agent in any way and in any case. Renter acknowledge that he acquires no rights other than those stated in this agreement (b) During the rental all additional drivers are jointly and severely liable with the renter (c) Likewise, in case that this agreement is signed by any representative of the renter, he would be jointly and severely responsible with the renter. (d) This agreement supersedes any other period written or verbal agreement between GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C.and renter. (e) GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. can not waive any of this rights deriving from the law and this agreement. (f) Any alternation of the terms of this agreement is not valid if not agreed in writing (g) Renter agrees and accepts that all above mentioned terms are valid both in case of the initial agreement wit GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. and in any case of extension of the time of the rental and / or replacement of the vehicle by another. (h) In case there are differences between the copies and the original of this agreement, the agrrement possessed by GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. always supersedes (i) The contacting parties acknowledge and accept that all terms of this agreement are substantial and fundamental for the purposes here of.


This agreement is governed by Greek Legislation and any of all disputes which may arise between GIAMAKIS NIKOLAOS P.C. and renter will be settled before the competent courts where the agreement was signed.


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